Kimono Obi Bag: Green, Gold, turtle shell*J06


This is an UPCYCLE bag made from a vintage japanese Obi Kimono.
This kimono obi is a high end obi for parties and ceremonies.
Gold color is made of gold thread kneaded with real gold.


Color: Gold, Green
Type: Flat and Boston
Pattern Type: Turtle shell
Fabric: Silk100%
Material: cowhide leather 100%

Size of Flat Type
Handle 28CM
Width 41CM
Height 27CM

Boston Type Size
Width 37CM
Height 22CM
Depth 14CM

Bag is made from 100% silk cloth. Silk is a delicate fabric, so if you put a lot of heavy things in it, the bag will tear easily. Please do not put too many heavy things in the bag.

How to use the Aikyo Obi bag.